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Enhanced Access

Our Network is providing access and hours for patients with additional appointments in the morning, evening and weekends, including appointments with GPs, Nurses, Physiotherapists and network Pharmacists. These are in addition to our normal opening hours of 8:30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.  

These evening and weekend appointments may take place by phone, video, or face-to-face depending on your clinical need. Do be aware that the appointment may be at your local practice, another local GP practice or another local NHS service. This is because we are working within our Network to provide these appointments. 

Contact your GP practice in the usual way (by phone/in person or online – Mon-Fri 8am-6.30pm) to request an appointment. If your practice is closed and you need urgent support, please contact NHS 111 (by phone or online: 111.nhs.uk).  

What is Enhanced Access Service?

The Enhanced Access Service makes it easier for you to get an appointment at a time that suits you including evenings and weekends. The service offers pre-bookable (up to two weeks in advance), routine primary care appointments with GPs and Nurses.

Who can access these appointments?

Any patients registered with any practice within Docklands PCN.

How do I book an appointment?

Contact your GP practice in the usual way (by phone/in person or online – Mon-Fri 8am-6.30pm) to request an appointment. If your practice is closed and you need support, please contact NHS 111 (by phone or online: 111.nhs.uk). 

What can I be seen for?

An enhanced access service appointment is exactly like an appointment at your own GP practice.

Will I see my own GP and/or nurse?

You will be seen by experienced GPs, and nurses, but it is unlikely that you will be seen by your own GP or nurse at all times.

Will the GP or nurse I see have access to my medical record during my appointment?

Your medical record will, with your consent, be available to the GP that sees you, to ensure that they have the information they need to give you the best possible care. Notes of your appointment will be sent back to your own GP practice electronically to ensure that your record is up-to-date.

How do I cancel or change an appointment?

If you are unable to attend your appointment it is important you let us know so we can offer the appointment to someone else. If you need to cancel or change the appointment, please call your practice in their working hours.

What happens after my appointment if I need a follow-up or further care?

Your registered GP Practice and the Enhanced Access Service are linked electronically so that after your consultation a discharge summary will be sent to your GP surgery. The management of any follow-up, onward referral or further medical care will remain with your registered GP Practice.

Migrant Health

Migrant communities living in temporary accommodation ‘Contingency hotels’

Docklands PCN continue to work in partnership to develop appropriate health interventions, identify approaches and work with migrant communities to encourage and support access to mental health services and wider primary care services.

Doctors of the World UK- Safer Surgeries 

As part of our commitment to supporting all people in our local patient populational member practices have signed up to become Safer Surgeries. Our PCN also has applied for recognition as a Safer Surgeries network.

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

We work closely with our local CAB and as such we informed them of our commitment to being a Safer Surgery network and what that means for our patients.  

Migrant Communities Health Checks Clinics

Docklands PCN with the support of the Ibis Styles Hotel have provided a 2- hour health check clinic for patients residing at the Ibis Styles Hotel and Dockside Apartments on a quarterly basis since February, 2023.

The health check clinics provides residents with the opportunity to have a basic health check. Our Health and Wellbeing Coach attends to take blood pressures along with three non-clinical PCN staff members assisting with completion of a health questionnaire, taking height and weight measurements and booking appointments at the GP surgery.

Feedback from hotel staff, patients and PCN staff has been positive:

“The feedback that we have received from some of the Service Users that attended was very much positive. We are very thankful to Khristle and her team for the very helpful approach towards the Service Users and the staff.”

Jayne Walcott, Hotel Manager, Ibis Style Hotel.

Social Prescribing

Social prescribing is a way for local agencies to refer people to a link worker. Link workers give people time, focusing on ‘what matters to me’ and taking a holistic approach to people’s health and wellbeing. They connect people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support.

Community Gardening Project

Repurposing our external practice spaces for Docklands community growing projects.

Docklands PCN has been funded to develop a community growing garden project for Royal Docks Medical Practice, which supports the NHS Green Plan and Green Social Prescribing. This project aims to help people connect to activities in their local communities and improve their health and wellbeing.